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Literary Criticism

Rainforest NarrativeCritique

David Callahan: Rainforest Narratives: The Work of Janette Turner Hospital
(University of Queensland Press, Australia, 2009)
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Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction: Essays about Janette Turner Hospital
Guest editor: Donald J Greiner, University of South Carolina
Heldref Publications, 2007
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"Border Crossings: The Fiction of Janette Turner Hospital" by Charlotte Zöe Walker in The Georgia Review. Fall 2014. pp. 578-85.


Conference on the work of JTH at Australian Studies Centre, Univ. of London, UK,
May 1997; monograph of the proceedings of the conference, incl. her public lecture on Christina Stead and of papers given on her work, ed Selina Samuels, publ. Univ. of London, 1997.

Contact the Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, University of London


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